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Beef Industry


Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

Provides the cattle feeders and producers in the State of Tennessee with an organization through which they may function collectively to protect their interests and work toward the solution of cattle industry problems; and to build the necessary good-will that will bring both governmental and public esteem and recognition to the industry.

  Tennessee Beef Industry Council

To effectively maintain and build demand for beef in Tennessee, nationally and internationally by supporting and extending state and national market development programs.

  Tennessee Livestock Producers

Is the marketing affiliate of the Tennessee Farm Bureau and is recognized as its oldest service company. Is wholly owned by Farm Bureau and continues in its purpose to help maintain a competitive bid for livestock throughout the state.

Forage Industry



vv American Forage and Grassland Council

Is dedicated to advancing the use of forage as a prime feed resource. Our members represent the academic community, producers, private industry, institutes and foundations. Together, they unite in a common cause to promote and develop the forage industry.