UT Beef and Forage Center

Over 23,000 certifications have been issue for the Master Beef Producer Program, The program is designed to leverage success into an even more productive beef industry in Tennessee by improving a profitability, position in the industry, and to be competitive with other states.The Tennessee Master Beef Producer Program uses a combination of hands-on experiences and classroom teaching. Individual sessions will be delivered by your local UT Extension Office.











County Dates Contact
Sept 3 - Sept 26 Kelly Frady
  Phone: 423.338.4503
  Email: kfrady@utk.edu
Johnson and Carter
Sept 9 - Sept 30 Rick Thomason
  Phone: 423.727.8161
  Email: rthomaso@utk.edu
Sept 12- Sept 19 Jacob Boone
  Phone: 423.733.2526
  Email: kboone3@utk.edu
Sept 17 - Nov 5 Matt Horsman
  Phone: 615.790.5721
  Email: mhorsman@utk.edu
Dickson and Humphreys
Sept 24 - Oct 22 Mark Garrison
  Phone: 615.446.2788
  Email: mgarri11@utk.edu
Giles, Lawrence, and Maurey
Oct 3 - Oct 5 Kevin Rose
Oct 3 - Oct 24 Phone: 931.363.3523
  Email: klrose@utk.edu
Oct 3 - Oct 4 John Gunter
  Phone: 931.729.2404
  Email: jgunter4@utk.edu
Oct 18 - Oct 19 James Harlan
  Phone: 931.879.9117
  Email: jharlan3@utk.edu
Marshall and Moore
Oct 18 - Oct 19 Matt Webb
  Phone: 931.359.1929
  Email: dwebb15@utk.edu
Crockett, Haywood, and Madison
Dec 5 - Dec 6 Lindsay Stephenson
  Phone: 731.772.2861
  Email: LSS@utk.edu
Dyer, Gibson, Obion, and Weakley
Dec 2 - Dec 6 Mary Beth Neal
  Phone: 731.286.7821
  Email: mneal22@utk.edu

If you do not see a program near you in the list above, please contact your local UT Extension Agent.